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Dex Trader Review


Dex Trader is a new online trading platform that promises to simplify forex trading. Here’s our Dex Trader review.

What is Dex Trader?

Dex Trader, also known as DexSignals, is an online trading platform that focuses on trading binary options on the Nadex Trading Platform.

Dex Trader is based entirely around the Nadex Trading Platform but is not affiliated with that platform in any way. The platform simply provides signals that you can use with that platform (although there’s a recently-released secondary service that lets you trade outside of that platform as well).

Here’s how the company explains its system:

“We provide a signal service that indicates which trade to make on a particular pair of binary derivatives based solely on the Nadex Trading Platform and can used at the receiver’s discretion.”

The platform claims to make its users $26 on average per contract and has an 84% win ratio – which is astonishing regardless of which type of investment you’re talking about.

A win ratio like that obviously doesn’t come cheap: Dex Trader is priced at around $200 per month.

In addition to the core Dex Trader signals available to be used on the Nadex Trading Platform, there’s a separate signal service (bundled together with your one Dex Trader subscription) that gives you signals you can use with any binary options broker.

What is the Nadex Trading Platform?

Dex Trader is based entirely around the Nadex Trading Platform. Basically, it tells you which trades to make on that platform to maximize your profit.

What exactly is that trading platform?

Nadex Trading Platform is a browser-based trading platform that gives you access to the Nadex exchange. That direct market access (DMA) lets you see the bid and offer price with the volume of contracts available and trade directly with the exchange.

The Nadex exchange itself focuses exclusively on binary options: there’s no other products available to trade on the service.

Nadex is made by a Chicago company named North American Derivatives Exchange, Inc.

How Does Dex Trader Make You Money?

Dex Trader promises to make you money through two methods: Nadex Signals and Binary Option Signals.

Nadex Signals

Dex Trader sends you signals which tell you which trade to make on a particular pair of binary derivatives. You can choose to do what you want with this information – like whether you want to make the trade or not.

If you don’t know what any of this information means, or if you’ve never traded a binary option in your life, then it’s okay: Dex Trader will explain the entire system for you and walk you through how to make your first trade.

Dex International Binary System (DIBS)

The DIBS system promises to take the “same winning strategies” from the Nadex Signals service and implement them across any trading platform.

So instead of being forced to use the Nadex platform, you can use any broker or trading platform of your choice.

If you have your own favorite binary options broker, for example, then you can sign up for DIBS to receive information about trades made through that broker.

Dex Trader Pricing

Dex Trader has an introductory trial priced at $7 for the first 7 days. During those first 7 days, you have full access to the service.

After those 7 days are over, you’ll be charged $197 for the remaining 23 days of that first month, and then $197 every month thereafter until you cancel.

Signing up for the $197 per month plan will give you complete access to the program, including the Nadex Signals and Dex International Binary System (DIBS). You also get full access to the learning center – so you don’t need to pay extra for anything.

All purchases are processed through Clickbank.

In order to use Dex Trader, you’ll also need a separate subscription to a binary options broker – like the Nadex Trading Platform.

Who Makes Dex Trader?

Dex Trader was created by a company named Our City Investments LLC.

According to Bloomberg, that company’s address is listed as:

PO Box 3

Landing, NJ 07850

Aside from this, there’s very little information about Our City Investments LLC available online.

Our City Investments LLC also operates and, both of which are divisions of the company.

At its LinkedIn page, Our City Investments LLC calls itself “a trader on Nadex” that provides “a signal service that indicates which trade to make on a particular pair of binary derivatives based solely on the Nadex Trading Platform.”

The company claims to employ between 51 and 200 employees and was founded in 2015.

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